Feeling Better....

So today was a much better day then the last  4 have been. The kids actually were good!! There was very little crying,fighting,yelling...plus the weather was kind of nice so they were able to go out and play. And it is 9 pm and all of them are asleep!!!! Thank goodness. My solider called today. And it has been a week or so since he left the base to begin the journey home...but due to sandstorms he is still stuck in Iraq,sitting at the airport! He was suppose to back in the states tomrrow..but he said that they might be able to fly soon..as long as the weather clears up. We are both praying! He called about 5 or 6 times today! Which of course was wonderful! I told him about how the last couple of days have been here at home. And him being just as sweet as he could be said this " baby, I know that you have ur hands full and that you give everything you have and more to those kids, and I wish that I could snap my fingers and be there with you right now, but just hold on I am coming to save you...just hold on alittle longer. I have never told you this since I have been gone....you are the strongest women that I know, you are a super mom in my eyes and there is no one else on God's green earth that I would ever want to spend the rest of my life with, when God put you in my life I had no idea that you would help me become the man that I am today, if it wasn't for you being there to push me and support me I would have not made it through the crazness that is Iraq. I love you  more then anything! Thank you for being there for me and taking care of our kids without fail. You are my world and I plan to give you the world". How freakin sweet is that....I swear I wanted to jump on a plane and fly to where he was and just kiss and hug him till I couldn't do it anymore! So my hope is restored that everything will be okay...and this long wait due to weather is just a stepping stone and this will be over soon. God has truly blessed us this year, and through this our family is stronger. And I am thankful and blessed to say My soldier is coming home!

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Aww that made me tear up. What a sweet man you have. I know that ive only had to deal with this for a few days and you have to be strong to deal with this. we are all strong. Your not only a strong woman but your a strong mother. That takes alot!!!

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What a wonderful story, he is a good man, and you are a strong woman! I am so happy he'll be home with your family again soon, that you get to have your husband, your love, your sanity, your peace! Enjoy every single moment!!!