I Kinda Need Help.

Fred leaves for Afghanistan April sixth. I want to get him something to take with him when he goes. like something he needs or something that would remind him of home or help him out or something i have no idea what. I'm not very imaginative or creative or even good at seeing the obvious.

SO... any ideas would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I agree with he dog tag idea. My boy left last month and my mom got us both dog tags to wear. She found them online and it's a very good idea!!

When my guy deployed to Iraq I made him a scrap book. I put all kinds of pictures of his graduation,our kids,me and him,goofy pitures,cute pictures. All Kind of things. He put it in his little tote thing that they give them to put personal stuff in and he told me many times that he would pull out that book and look at it during hard days. So that is an idea! Hope it helped! God Bless

Something he can keep around his dog tags is a great idea! If you guys are religious you can get some small spiritual symbol. Or you could get an engraved dog tag with a personal message from you. He will always keep them on and think of you when he sees, hears, and touches them. <br />
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I'd also take lots and lots and lots of pictures now so you can have them while he's gone, and so that you'll have some to send him and make projects with (photo albums and such) while he's over there that you can send in his care packages.<br />
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Good luck honey, enjoy your time with him now.