Maybe One of You Lovely Ladies Can Help Me...

    I was wondering if anyone has some insight or an answer for me; My fiance is in the National Guard and at Basic training, and his home unit deploys on March 20th, and he won't return from basic until April 24th and he still will have one RSP at the end of May (RSP is recruit sustainment program, kind of like the monthly drills, but for those who either haven't gone to basic or those who haven't joined their home unit yet) 

    Anyway my question is do you think he'll be joining his home unit and deploy, or will he stay here on a rear detachment and not deploy?

We are also Moving from Oregon to Washington and I'm also wondering if any of you have known of someone transferring to another states army or national guard program while in basic/ait? Do you have any ideas of who would be good to talk to about this sort of thing?(I already called his recruiter)

I'm really hoping to find a definite answer, although I know its probably near impossible. Anything helps    

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Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it :) <br />
I had an ROTC scholarship interview today, and the Cpl I interviewed with actually knows the commander of my soldiers home unit, so he is going to ask him for me :)) and let me know!! yay.<br />
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...Praying for the best, preparing for the worst.

My guess is that he wouldn't have to deploy if the unit is already gone. Though they may make him,,,its the military! And I think that he would just have to transfere to the new unit and base whereever he moved to. We just moved 9 minutes and my soldier had to move to another base! So I am not sure how to go about doing it when you move to another state. YOu can always try and call the base where he does all his trainings at and talk to a staff SRG...Don't know how easy that would be for you...we live in a small town so it was easy for me to do. OR maybe call any FRG member and they can tell you where to go or who to talk to. Good Luck.

I not sure what the real question is, it sounds like the real question you have is hidden in there somewhere.<br />
My father was career Navy, and there were resources on the base for dependents/family members. If the recruiter can't tell you, call the base where he is located and ask them about obtaining information or getting questions, and where to start.