hi ladies, i had a few questions about LDAC and wondered if anyone could help me out. when paul went to fort knox for LTC, they had to surrender their phones, and i had no idea (so i was freaking out for the entire time). i also had to wait to get his address, so i couldn't send him any letters until he could call me and give it to me (like 3 weeks in). has anyone else's man gone to LDAC, who would know what kind of communication i can expect? naturally, if it's very little, i understand, but would like to be prepared this time. and if i can get his address, will i be allowed to send him letters?

any info would be very appreciated :) and i hope you all had a nice valentine's day, even in these hard times.

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My boyfriend is at LDAC right now as well. He left July 6th and won't get back until beginning of August. There is a Facebook LDAC 2012 page that keeps you updated on daily events each regiment is doing. They also set up a flickr page for each reg so they update photos when they are able to!!!! Its definitely weird not talking right now and I worry every day that he is alright but just know that you have to be strong for them because they need to do this and you want to be that supportive partner!! Hang in there!

So I think my comment is a couple of years late lol but my fiance is at LDAC now! How did you get through not being able to talk? She has not had her phone for 4 days and it's so weird to not talk. Mostly I've just been wondering how she is doing and hoping that she is ok. I sent her some letters and a package but still waiting for a response. It's nice to read about someone going through a similar situation :)