I Know Im Lucky, But...

I get to talk to him almost every day, but I'm selfish. I want him here. I've got months before I see him again...I miss him, and that just makes me think of him more and more. I miss him.

imstuckinhere imstuckinhere
3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

thanks guys, I'm getting stronger everyday and all of you helped: you are so right how we get those firsts over and over...I love experience project more every day.

You can ask anyone of us here...we all feel the same..it's not selfish, it's normal! It won't get easier sweetie, but it will make you stronger, you won't feel so "selfish" soon.... We are all here if you need it! We understand!

It doesnt make you selfish because you want him here. It makes you a woman who loves her man. Im sure he wants to be there as much as you want him there. Dont feel bad for missing him girly!!