Its a Girl

I just found out that im having a girl and it sux cuz i cant tell my gunna have to tell him in a letter. But i was wondering if you guys have any ideas on how i can do. I was thinking i could color a page with pink letters and say its a girl and then send him one of the ultra sound pics!! Do you think that would be a good idea??

KingsQueen KingsQueen
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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I like the "I love my daddy" bib idea! super cute!

thats a cute idea. My guy was in basic but he had his cell phone when i was able to tell him. So i sent it in a tape test thingy.I recorded the lasd saying it was a girl! But, since it has to be a letter. I would just go all out. Maybe in a care package sen like alot of cute pink stuff...little pink booties,a little pink bib that says "i love my daddy" things like that.And I would send an ultrasound pic...even though most guys can't tell what they are looking at..LOL

Congrats girl! I just found out I was pregnant after my husband left so I am in the same boat!

I would to a craft store cuz they always have cute pieces of paper, and they might have some that say "its a girl" or some really cute scrap booking stickers you could use that would be awesome, they also have fun ribbon and other cute things. :)