My V-day.....

My V-day was pretty first it was ok but then i got 2 work and of course everybody there was talking about their plans for that night and what they were doing with their bf' just got me upset then of course one of the bf's came in with gifts and stuff for his gf..and when i got off work i really thought me and my bf would at least be able 2 get on the webcam but it ended up i couldn't talk 2 him bc i had 2 work all day and when i got off he was already off shift and had 2 get off the was just a day that i was sooo happy 2 get over with...

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

my vday sucked too. I had a massive paper to write and then had to work all the mall where all these people were excited about vday. LOL i had a few laughs however. I work at a pizza place at the food court, and there was this one guy with his girlfriend, and no joke he told her..."hun, because it valentines day Ima let you pick anything on the table." I thought it was funny. but i guess deep down i wish Tom was there with me buying me some crappy pizza dinner for two. LOL crazy, but it just means im one day closer to seeing him. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

my val. day was okay...I guess. I ended up babysitting my guys brothers kids..but earlier that day..i went out and got a ths kids little candy baskets..and went to lunch with my kids...but it was still so freakin hard seeing everyone out buying things for their loved one. I told me soldier he had alot of making up to do when he gets home!

awh girl i know what you mean. i went to work and everyone was talking about their plans with their boyfriends/girlfriends after work and it just really hurt because i would be spending it away from my love. just keep your chin up. we have next year with our soldiers :)