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i met nate through my mom's best friend via myspace this past october. he was already in iraq, and someone in his unit was talking to my mom's friend. they were all friends on myspace, nate mentioned to her that he thought i was pretty and asked who i was. she told him, and suggested that we be friends on myspace and talk. within two days of messaging i was completely smitten. the first time we talked on the phone we talked for four hours that morning and four more that night (lucky me caught him while he was on freedom rest). when we would talk i would completely forget that he was half a world away; i felt like he was down the street. my sleep schedule got completely destroyed as i was more than thrilled to get any phone call at any hour, be it 4pm or 4am didn't matter as long as it was nate's voice on the other end. my phone never left my hand as we texted almost constantly. things slowed down in terms of communication once he was off freedom rest but emotionally things were snowballing. we were falling faster everyday. he knows me better than almost anyone else in this world. thanksgiving weekend, that saturday, i had an inkling that something wasn't right since i hadn't gotten so much as a text from him in more than a day, which was almost unheard of unless he warned me that he was going to be busy. so when my house phone rang with an unknown international number, my heart dropped. it was nate, thank god he was ok enough to call me himself, but from the second he said 'hey baby' i could hear in his voice that things had gone wrong. he told me how he was out in the truck and had been hit by an ied and his foot had been almost blown off. he was med evac'd to baghdad (sp?), stabilized, few days later he was flown to germany for further surgery then a few weeks after that he was finally stateside in a hospital in texas. i was/am living in phoenix, az. at the time i had no real job and was barely making my bills by working as a waitress. i was trying so hard to scrounge up enough money to fly to texas to see him. keep in mind we have yet to technically meet (even now) and despite never having met we are completely in love. while he was in the hospital i had just started a brand new job so i was going to be making enough money to come see him, but i'll be honest i was a little scared. i'm not from a military family or background, i'd never dated anyone in the army or military before, and i had no idea what to expect meeting him for the first time in the hospital. nate was growing more and more distant while in the hospital (understandably so) and after a short while of arguing everytime we spoke, he broke it off. this was the first week of december. i was crushed but saw it coming so i was a little bit prepared and tried to pick up my shattered pieces and carry one like nothing was wrong. nate acted very distant. a couple days before christmas i started casually dating someone i knew and things were going well with that. in the back of my mind there was always nate and i just assumed that i wouldn't ever stop loving him, and that i'd have to just accept that he didn't want me. after dating the new kid for a few weeks, i got a call from nate. he had made a mistake by leaving me, he was sorry, he was a mess and miserable without me. and he wanted me back. in a flash i forgot that we had ever been apart and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my days with him. i didn't think it was fair to the new kid for me to just leave him, plus nate was still stationed in texas and we had never met. initially i wanted to wait, wait til i met him in person to see if everything was still perfect in person. but that wasn't fair to nate to make him wait nor to the new kid. i just felt like no matter what i did someone was going to get hurt. after about a week, there was no denying it: i love nate and don't want anyone else but him. so nate and i are back together and fiercely stronger than ever. we have talked sincerely about marriage, children, spending our lives together. i am not religious in any way shape or form but feel blessed to have him. i wonder what in the hell i did to deserve him in my life haha

he gets his Purple Heart later this month, and the other night mentioned that he wishes i could be there. as far as he knows i can't afford any flights or time off from work, but i am a sneaky lil thing and am buying plane tickets right now and have already gotten off work for the whole weekend. like i would miss his Purple Heart Ceremony! ya right! now this is going to be a double huge event/milestone for us, his Purple Heart PLUS it will be the first time we mee face to face. his best friend is helping me work out all the details and is going to make sure that nate is available to pick me up from the airport.


on another note, i feel horrible right now b/c a close friend of his from iraq just died. he's attending the services today and tomorrow and every time i talk to him he says how he wishes i were there, how me being there with him would make it so much better. i don't know what to say or how to be there for someone in this sort of situation while being so far away. i'm usually there in a physical sense of having people literally cry on my shoulder so i am at a loss for words. i don't know how to comfort him from afar and welcome suggestions/advice on the entire situation.

also what are we, the civilian girlfriends, supposed to wear to things like Purple Heart ceremonies? i've been told everything from formalwear to jeans and a nice shirt to a sundress. i want to be a perfect shining example of an army girlfriend and make him look good! don't want to screw up n make  him look bad! help!

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Well i dont know what you could say to comfort him over the phone but you could just wait and tell him in person you didnt know how to comfort him over the phone and then make him feel as much love from you while your there as you can. im not sure what you would wear for that ceremony......but im sure you dont have to worry about it. Just wear something dressy but dont go overboard. lol....i hope it turns out good for you!!!!