I Really Miss Him.

He said when he called on Vday that he would write me that night but since sunday and monday they didnt do mail...it sux idk when ill get a letter from him. Do you guys know when ill get one? How long does it take for it to get here?

KingsQueen KingsQueen
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

my husband went to fort knox. his letters took about 3 days to get delivered. hang in there.

my mail came from Missiuri (i cant even spell it! :p) to Nevada and it took about 3 to 5 days. It depends sometimes lucks on your side...other you just gots to wait. hang in there.

my letters go from kentucky to maryland it takes almost five days to get here...sometimes it comes faster it just depends...like holidays and stuff..plus mine usually take longer because i am in college and the mail doesn't come on saturdays...

My letters come from Georgia to Oregon pretty quickly, my guy wrote me a letter on the 10th and I got it one the 14th, it just depends on how slow or fast your post office is and all the ones in between.