Now He Wants My Support...

So he texted me last night and I didn't get it till this morning cause my phone was off last night. He asked to talk to me cause things are really hard on him right now. Then I text back saying I will talk to you cause I care bout you I just don't know if right now is the best time Noa. He then said well then **** everything. I was all don;t be like that just cause I have another guy in my life does not mean I don't care about you. He then guilt tripped me and said hell with it I just cut myself and I hope your happy. I said to him if he was going to be like that then I could not talk to him at all. He then called me up and said I'm so freaking sorry I really do care that you still care I'm just going through a lot please still be a support. I just hung up but what the heck do I do I mean if I do talk to him I will get sucked into his munipulation again and I can't do that...xOXo..

KateyG KateyG
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2009