Im Finally Here!!

Hello EVERYONE!! I am now in Korea!! How crazy huh??? The last few days have been freakin nuts! I have had to in process, between 3 different bases... here there is like 1 main base, then like 3 or 4 connecting bases. Its crazy. Our base is like 45 min away from the others! Yesterday we found our apartment! Its really nice! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, a washer/dryer room, kitchen, front room and a Korean Balcony (its all inside). Our apartment will come with washer/dryer, fridge, couch, tv stand and beds. We have a heater/cooler, electic, running water, real toilets and showers, gas and cable/internet. Thats hard to find all here in one place. It has a tv monitor mounted on the wall so when someone calls your place you can see who it is, and to get into the building you have to know the code. Its really cool and pretty. We can see the base from our balcony! Seeing and bein with my husband has been amazing! The second we saw eachother in the airport, oh my gosh it felt unreal! Its been really amazing and awesome. He has been able to stay with me here in my hotel room. We spend as much time together as we can... I have met more and more of his Commanders everyday. Some want me to go meet them today.. his First Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major. I met his Coronal the day after I got here! They have all be really really nice! Its been crazy.. I still have major jet lag.. there is a 17 hour difference! I will write more later.. just thought I would give an update!! 

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I ams sooo excited for you! Enjoy your time with your husband:)!

wooowww!! congrats on that i know your soo happy to finally be with your husband and not juss be waitin on a phone call im really happy for you enjoy every moment of this!!!!

oh how awsome. I'm so happy for you. You deserve this. I've read many of your stories and I hope I can be strong like you. LOL Im not married yet, but when I am i hope i have your spirits. Have fun and enjoy your new home. Keep in touch.

WOWWW I am SOOOOO Happy for you too. It sounds like everything there is Amazing. I'm TOO happy for you. Ya'll Deserve it... YAY lol

AWESOME and so glad you made it safe!! <br />
Sooo excited for you!<br />
keep in touch!