Valentines Day Weekend

Ok so I went down to Fort Campbell Friday the 13th, 7 long hours of driving...  He had to work that night, being DD for people that were going to a party, and I got to ride along with.  It was ok...  I felt way under dressed (so did my guy and the other 3 guys that were driving the vans) We had to check EVERY ONE's  keys and I helped a bit...  The Sgt. in charge let me and my guy go and mingle but the other guys had to stay at the table in the corner, he wouldn't have made my soldier work if he knew I was commin (the Sgt. was mad when he found out, cuz no one told him) so he started talking to me and was all like "it sucks that he has to work tonight dosn't it?"  I'm like "yeah, but what can you do right."  we talked about my ride down and what not.  We got free food and when I was up there getting food (looking totally out of place) a wife came up to me and started talking and took me totally off guard that I couldn't find any thing to say.  I felt like an idiot lol.  But I gotta go now...  I got more to say this is only the beginning lol :)

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

i'm glad you to see him!

no i had to come home tuesday :( but any way the Sgt. Totally let us go super early!! he didn't have to drive any one at all... it was awesome :)

lol yea, the army wives are really really friendly up at fort campbell. I met several when my soldier was up there.<br />
Your still up there tho, right?<br />
have fun. it was about a 7 or 8 hour drive for me too X_x it sucks