I am so excited because my boyfriend is graduating from AIT on Friday but I get to get on a plane tomorrow morning and I get to see him tomorrow night...this is like one of the best days since he went to basic training. I can't wait to see my boyfriend.
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Awwww thats aswome!!!! I'm too Happy 4 u. Kinda excited for you! let me know how it goes I wanna hear bout it from A-Z ok lol

awww im so happy for you. I bet your gunna be so happy to hug him and kiss him. I cant wait tell my man gets done. i cant even imagine how happy you are feeling right now!!

congrats! Enjoy your time with your other half ^_^ i know when i went to see him graduate AIT i was soo proud of him, he got to do a speech :) And its a lot different from the BCT graduation, more intimate, and he got to stay in the hotel with us since he was gold stat.<BR>have fun! Youve officially made it through the general training in the army.

Thats awesome!! Congrats you made it through the first big step!! Have fun!!