The Ring...

Ok so I found out (he dosn't know that I know) through one of my friends who was (among numerous other people) trying to get him to ask me to marry him, that he has been seriously thinking about asking me.  I wish he'd hurry up and ask already lol...  but he worried about the "Army Life" and family.  he want's the best for me.  and i understand that but i don't care.  i love him and i'd be perfactaly happy being his Army Wife :)

BrendaMarie BrendaMarie
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

i know it sucks!!! i wanna get married b4 he goes to Afganistan next year and he does too i think... but he's a procrastinateing guy... so i know it's coming and i'm getting ready to plan (getting my guest list ready and what i want and what not) so i don't have too much to do (decision wise) later when i have to... and it keeps my mind on good things :D