Watching the News: Good Or Bad?

So my boyfriend has not left yet for basic, so I'm glad to be way ahead of schedule in preparing myself for when he leaves. I keep finding tips to deal with the emotional struggles I'm going to go through, and a lot of them say to not watch the news because it will just make it harder for me and it will make time go by slower or something. Well i recently discovered that among our new Verizon FiOS channels, we have the Pentagon channel. It is basically news on everything military and has a lot of coverage. I thought it was interesting learning about what's going on over in iraq and the other places and what the president is planning in terms of national security. For me, I'd much rather be in-the-know as much as possible in the possibility that i get a letter or phone call or whatever that my boyfriend has been killed in action. I would hate to be the person that says, "oh but how? i thought it was safe over there! what's going on?" See, i think it would be a lot easier for me to accept what happens because I'll be mentally prepared to face it cuz i would have known what's basically going on in the world. Before now, I've been very naive thinking "oh world peace is coming! we're almost there! blablabla..." but i've realized that not all cultures are the same so it's virtually impossible for all of us to live in harmony. But back to my main point, should i stay in-the-know so I could be partially mentally prepared for whatever may happen, or should I take the advice of the few websites i visited and not watch news and distract myself with other things so i dont think about him being away?

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thank you so much for the answers! it all really helped.

hey im in kinda the same situation as new to this site and my man dose not leave till may so i have some time to prepare. <br />
being new i guess i dont have the most experiance but i am one of those people who research everything so as soon as he told me he was even thinking about joining i subscribed to a newspaper, we started watching the military channel, and i am constantly looking up info on what is going on. helps me relaxe somehow and since my boyfriends mind is sooo military and politacally oriented these days it gives us something new to connect over!!!<br />
hope that helps!!!

I always watched the news...not so much when he was in basic. But while he was deployed I watched the news. I couldn't stand not knowing. Even though sometimes it was painful to watch and made me worry I at least knew. Cause while he was deployed he would not tell me anything. And we are all human and want to know. I guess it just depends on the person. My friend whos boyfriend is my soldiers best friend would watch the news and then call me and freak out! And I would always end up calming her down. But I think it just depends on the person. I didn't want to feel like I didn't know what was going on and left out or living in a bubble like everything is right with the world. Good Luck girl. Let me know if you need anything