My Day

ok so heres how my day went

I Woke up LATE. All the hot water was gone, so I showered in cold water. Checked the mail... Got a hella depressing letter and I cried from my drive way all the way to work. Then had to deal with pissy customers. one made me cry again. oh then I almosr cut my finger off in the key machine. My check was short a hundred dollars (which may cause me to miss my soldier's Basic Graduation). and I cried some more. I forgot my lunch at home on the counter. My sister brought me chinese... BUT they put teriyaki sauce on some of my chicken. I am allergic so my mouth swole up HUGE and my mouth is still itching. oh and I cried some more. so then I get home. get a HOT shower and realize that my eyes are SUPER Puffy and swollen almost as big as my mouth. and I wanted to cry again but it wouldnt come LOL so then I just toss some stuff around that I'll clean up in the morning. So I go put on one of his shirts to make me feel better but it doesnt cause it just smells like him and makes things worse and SUPRISEEEE I have tears left cuz I'm cryin again

TODAY TOTALLY SUCKED. I could of brushed it all off and still had a good day if that letter wasn't so depressing. and He didnt even say anything about his b-day or v-day card. no thanks or that was Lame NOTHING! EHHHHHHH I'd wanted to SCREAM FUCKK THE MILITARY all day today. and I teared up everytime I saw a man (or woman) uniform and I work near a base. It was like the Whole base needed something from The Home Depot! EHHHHHHH my eyes hurt. I just needed to vent! I have to be so strong everywhere but here so thanks ya'll for letting me weak :D

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

WOW!!! Girl.... you win on the bad day! I hope that you laugh about that day one day!!! I mean ...geez.... that was a very bad day! <br />
<br />
Have you ever read the children's book "The Very Bad No Good Horrible Day"? You should ... for a laugh.... sounds like your day!

Aww im sorry your day was bad. The army makes me mad too sometimes. Its weird but it was my bf hasnt been there that long and he already sounded different to me. I know they have to go thru alot but they should still appreciate what we are going thru and atleast say thank you. you should tell him how you felt about him not saying anything bout the cards.....oh and im so sorry about your swelling up...thats horrible. You know if you wanna talk to me anytime you can....this will all be ok