Its Getting Closer

My boyfriend leaves in 5 days and now this is finally becoming a reality to me and im scared.

lovemyarmyman4ever lovemyarmyman4ever
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Ugh I know how you feel!!! My bf leaves for Afghanistan in November and I'm dreading for that month to come! But then again the sooner he leaves the sooner he comes home.

we are all here for you! of course just spend as much time as you can with him before he leaves. everything will be all right. anytime you feel like this just talk to someone whether it be on here or in real life and im sure we'll all be here for you. hang in there!

Oh Sweetie! I know exactly how you feel! Enjoy these last five days with him you will regret it if you don't! Everything eill be ok! Message me anytime hunny!