He's Gone

Hi my name is Kimberly, but I mostly go by Kim.  My boyfriend left this past Wednesday for boot camp then straight to AIT.  I miss him a lot.  The last boyfriend I had was in the army too, but it ended up not working out for him and I while he was gone.  I really don't want this to happen to me and my current boyfriend.  He means so much to me and I love him more than I have every loved before.  I hopefully get to see him in may before he leaves for AIT but thats 3 months without him and without talking to him.  Him and I used to talk daily and it is kind of rough not being able to.  But I know he'll be strong and come back to me. 

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My bf just left on the 11th....i talked to him and seen him everyday since we got together. we have been together since july of 08....Im also 5 months pregnant. its so very hard for all of us girls. Ive only talked to my bf one time since he left and it was for 45 seconds on vday so he could tell me he loved me. You just have to be there for him and keep your mind off missing him. its hard but you can do it. I didnt think i could do it either but it gets better over time. You will always miss him but you will get more used to it. just dont give up!!

I will deff agree with squadiwife. there are alot of great people on here who have great advice for all of us. alot of us are in the same situation. my boyfriend leaves tuesday for fort lenoard wood in missouri. 14 weeks without him but we will all get thru it. its like in our blood or something lol <br />
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stay strong. and in basic, he can talk to you. not daily but he can write, so can you and he should get phone calls every sunday if they are good. sometimes they even get there cellphones back. just depends on their DS. <br />
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message me anytime you like. ill be going thru the same thing.<br />
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"distance makes the heart grow fonder"<br />
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stay strong xoxo

Just take it day by day. You will make it through just fine. Stay as busy as you can. You came to a great place. There are allot of women that can relate to you on here.x