I Want Birdy Kisses!

You probably like what the heck!? It probably sounds a little strange lol but its a cute story and I was just thinking about it and realized how much I miss it!!  Me and my guy were sitting in bed one day watching a movie and I was layig on some pillows but I wanted a kiss so he had to strech upa little ways to be able to reach my lips and give me a kiss, and I started busting up laughing, and hes like what the hell? and I said You just looked like the cutest little bird when you did that (you know when little baby bird streach their necks??) lol & so we've had "birdy kisses" ever since! So I'll be like "birdy kiss?" and we'll do a birdy kiss...& I miss it!! kinda kooky I guess :P, but Just a litte story I thought I'd share :)


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AWW me and my solider have something like that. Its call a "Kiss me quick" just a peck, and he says i only get one a day because "i over use them". lol anyways The rules are one a day, we have to drop what ever we are doing to kiss, and it even works if we are arguing if more so.<br />
Lol thats how he always gets me to never stay made. Because he'd say "Kiss me quick" and i kiss him and end up smiling and hes off the hook with what ever he did. lol

if that isnt adorable I dont kno what is

yeah! :) We also used to play wrestle every once in awhile! And I got to thinking about how awesome it would be if he just put me in an arm bar again!! lol :P

No its no kooky...its cute....thats the memories of your love...i always think about things like that.....like earlier i thought about how every tuesday me and my bf would watch wrestling together. I never liked to watch it before but he makes it fun to watch...lol...so just keep thnking about those memories and he will be back and you can make more!!!

Thats to cute. Its good to have cute little things that set you apart from other couples and give you something to look forward to.x