I Really Need Some Encouagement

All My fears have just come true. For those of you who don't know, my soldier is in basic and his home unit is deploying to Afghanistan while he is in basic, but I was hoping he wouldn't have to go, but now I'm not so sure.

   I recently went and had an interview for an ROTC scholarship and the guy who conducted the interview was good friends with my fiances home unit commander and I asked him if he could talk to the commander to find out some more info on weather or not Cruz would be deploying and I just got an e-mail back from him and this is what he said:

"Subject: Status (Unclassified)

Body: Ms. Serene...

FYI. As suspected, your fiancé will most likely deploy soon after he arrives
home from AIT. His commander should have more details for him.

Thanks and good luck."

I dunno what the "status unclassified" means, maybe it means its still up in the air..but either way I'm sooo up set right now.

I don't even know what to do know...do I cancel all the wedding plans I've already made?? Do I tell him while he is in basic? (because he has no idea either, he has been asking me to find out stuff for him) I dunno what to do, I was barley surviving this basic training stuff and the only thing keeping me going was knowing that he'd be home soon for awhile, cuz hes in the national guard and stuff, I thought he wouldn't be deploying this soon...


I hate that phrase "Most likely"! I want to know yes or know! ugh I hate how unpredictable the army can be at times!!!

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This is only the beginning. The Army will continue to change your plans for the rest of the time either of you are in it. The two keys to thriving in this life are flexibility and optimism! As hard as any of it may seem you still have your soldier and the love you two share. Orders will come and go. Deployments will come and go. Your plans and your life will change immensely throughout the time you or he is in-whether it's National Guard or Active Duty Army. <br />
<br />
Talk with him, allow him the space to be open about what he may already know, and if he seems to not be ready yet let it be for the time being.<br />
<br />
I know this is hard, but keep your head up honey, love can withstand a whole lot!!!

I feel for u girl. I thought that since my soldier was in the National Guard that he would be home for alwhile agter basic. But he was only home for like months! So maybe you will get at least that with him. I wouldn't change the wedding plans until you know 100%. Nothing is set in stone and until he gets deployment orders I would try to focus on getting through today. God Bless!

Bless, Just take it as it comes. Nothing is set in stone yet. Wait unitl he hears something. It will all be ok either way. You will make it through.X