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Yesterday i got a phone call from my boyfriend....

It was a great phone call. He said he starts basic training on Monday. I guess he was in reception ot whatever they call it.

I went over to his moms yesterday to meet her for the first time.

It went very well. She is a great person. soooo hilarious. But she told me alot about my boyfriends soon to be ex wife....Which some of you may know the story behind all that but those of you who dont...He's still married but...

He hasnt been with her for a long time and shes a drama queen so everytime he tryies to divorce her she wont sign the papers. And she will do something dumb like not let him see his kids.

Do you guys know if the army will help him take care of that????? He wants a divorce but its hard. So can you guys tell me more about that.???

Anyways....His mom told me that his soon to be ex wife still loves him to death and doesnt want any other man. But i know my boyfriend loves me and not her. His only 2 phones he had he made to me. He has spent everyday with me since we have been together. Plus i can tell he loves me.....I just dont want her in his life no more unless it has to do with the kids......

Please help me figure this out!!!

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Going through something very similar myself. Everytime it comes to finalizing everything my bf's ex always has an excuse & constantly tries to use their daughter as a pawn to get to him. She cheated on him while he was in Iraq 3 yrs ago & is still with the guy she cheated on him with. You'd think she'd want it to be over just as much. Apparently not since she continues to drag things along. Especially after we started dating. He's leaving very soon & trying to get it all done prior to leaving. Would really suggest he talk to JAG... he really needs to put an end once & for all to this. Mainly for the well being of his children not to mention your relationship.

Not to sure how the Army will or if they can help him divorce her. BUt my brother went through the same thing with his ex wife. She wouldn't sign the papers either for almost 2 years! And they didn't even have kids...she was just crazy! Anyway he had to take her to court and they "made" her sign the papers. BUt I am sure that he can talked to someone like JAG