Hey Everyone!! Sorry I havent been around for awhile. I have been really busy.. I am in a new stage of the whole Army Wife Life! This is the first Duty Station for my husband and so now 6 months later I finally got to be with him.. And I never knew how much went into moving to be with him. For the first 3 days I spent it driving between 3 different bases to get processed in. Then we spent the next few days apartment hunting! Which we finally found! Now Tuesday (tomorrow) we have to have the housing department go and inspect it to make sure its all good and safe then after they approve we have to sign the lease on base with the housing department - im not exactly sure why they have to basically approve everything but i know there is some reason. We hopefully get to move into our place Tuesday afternoon.. im really sick of living in an apartment! Its been nice to be with my husband though. It honestly took us a few days to get used to being together again, honestly were still working on it! I didnt know it would be confusing at first... i think were still in that odd phase... but its getting better!! I am having a hard time getting used to his schedule. I am getting sick and it sucks.. the weather is here so rainy and snowy and foggy and cold. I have only seen the sun 1 time since i got here.. And its really working on my immune system which is still weak from all the surgeries i had last year! Sorry to just go on and on... But i thought i would catch you all up on whats going on!! I am getting internet in our place before we move in so that will be good!! How are you all?!?

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im soo glad to hear that you guys are finally getting settled and everything! dont worry.. soon enough things wont be awkward anymore and hopefully the weather will get better! :) <br />
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keep your head up always!

Moving period..makes me crazy..I can't even imagine. I would have lost my mind days ago! LOL! I am happy to hear that you and urs are together. Sorry the weather sucks..maybe if the sun was shining things would look better! Hold in there! <br />
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In a little more then 24 hours my soldier will be home from his tour of duty...best part I don't have to send him back...no deadlines:)<br />
God Bless:)

It's a whole new adventure, lol! I know there's probably a lot that will take some serious getting used to, and you haven't even really had time to miss home and your family and friends yet... But just know that you are doing all of this for the life you're building with your husband. All of it will be so worth it as you two continue down this journey together!<br />
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Keep your head up, and on a dry day go find something cool to see! =)