So, my boyfriend passed his p.t. test and i get to see him graduate this thursday! i leave tuesday with his parents and we'll get there around wednesday sometime and then wake up thursday morning and see him! i am so excited to finally get to see him! i've missed him so much! i just wish he could come home with me. :)

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wow, reading this has brought back all those memories and the feeling of excitement that i had when i got to see my boyfriend graduate BCT last may. It was definitely one of the highest points in my year (one of several, but i count it up there) <br />
I hope you enjoy your time with him, have fun and congrats on him passing his test!

Comgrats on him passing his PT test.<br />
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I know you are happy I got to see my bf last week and it was so exciting but then he was gone to Cali and I had to go back to Maryland.<br />
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Congrats though have fun with him!

thank you girls! i am very excited!

I'm happy for you girl!!! I wasn't with my guy when he went through all of that :( but that dosn't really matter now cuz we're together :) have fun!!!