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I have known Jeff for almost 4 years...we met in college and had been best friends forever until he finally committed to me (after we had acted like we were married for a while and had a cat, but enough of that).  He is going through military intelligence training and i am finishing up my masters this year.  I love him so much, but it is so hard that he is away.  We are at the stage where he hasnt been assigned yet and we have no idea where he is going.  This is so very hard and I am glad I am not the only one going through this.  I live in a small town and it seems like I have no one to talk to about this stuff.  My family tries to understand, but they really cant unless they are in it.  I kinda just wanted to see what advice anyone out there had.  I get really sad at night and during the day isnt much better since my job is only 3 hours a day and i do not have classes to try to keep me busy.  I love Jeff so much and miss him constantly.  It sucks, but I would rather be with him and going through this than without him and his love.  I know, corny...but its true.  

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Hey I'm from tx too wat part are you in? I saw you commented my story so I'm returning the favor we are all in the same with the military and we all love and miss our SO's very much it just really sucks that our love has to go through this hard times :(

Hey girl :) welcome to EP. <BR>Your story has the same undertone of desperation that i felt when i was adjusting to him being in the army (still adjusting, 13 months later) I worried SOO much about where he was going to be stationed because he was talking about germany, that i actually cried in happiness when he finally told me (after making me wait 3 hours) his first duty station is only 3 hours away from me (a definitely improvement from the 10 hour drive it has been for the past 4 or 5 months before that) <BR><BR>Just know that we know what your going through. We've felt all those emotions and gone through those steps. Of feeing lost and lonley and not being able to find the motivation to do anythin other than mope. <BR>but know that you will get into the swing of things, and it does get easiER (never actually easy, lol) <BR>It takes a strong woman to be an army S/O, and know that even in the days or even weeks that you maybe dont know if you have the strength, we're here to give you a helping hand :) <BR>its not forever, and your man is doing something that makes him proud of himself, that should make you proud too.

not crazy at all!!! if it is then we all are carzy here and then it dosn't really matter lol :) I'm thanking god every day that mine's not deployed right now because i can drive down for the weekend and see him if i had the time/money... right now i'm working on getting my car fixed so i can go see him more often :) but enough about me!!! lol yer not crazy and not knowing when or where or any thing is way worse by far then knowing anything!!! when i dropped my man off at the air port last time i had no idea when the next time that i'd get to see him was!! fourtune smiled on me and i got to take the 7 hour drive and see him for valentines day weekend. so chin up! and be patent!! and roll with the punches!!!

stay strong.. maybe pick up a second job to help keep your mind off things! xoxo always here

Thats DEF NOT corny. I miss my bf too. hes only been gone since the 11th and it kills me. but i got 2 phone calls from him and every time i hear from him it makes me feel better. maybe thats all you need. I promise over time it will get better. and there are so many wonderful girls on here dealing with the same thing....i will talk anytime you need it and so will they!!! just keep ur head up!

Hey I'm from texas too! I feel lonely in this too. I feel your pain! We don't know where my soldier's going to be assigned either. Actually he hasnt' even left for basic yet, so I'm way ahead of myself, but if you need anyone to talk to please just message me!