My Army Man

I met my boyfriend Justin at applebees where we worked together and soon began dating. I knew of him from high school but never talked to him and he knew of me but never talked to me. He liked me when he started working there but I hadn't look at him that way and one day he told me that I would find a great guy one day who would be lucky to have me. I soon developed a crush on him and we started hanging out and when he went away for the weekend for a drill I missed him so much we started dating when he got back. He left for training not long after and got to come home for a few weeks before leaving for his final training before Iraq. He hasn't been home since July 08 and I haven't seen him since November 1st 2008. He is deployed to Iraq currently but is hopefully coming home in March for 2 weeks of leave, and then he should be home sometime around August hopefully. Justin is the love my life and means the world to me and I'm proud he is a member of the United States Army. Hoorah!

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aww thats a cute story :] <br />
stick with it girl, march isnt that far away! And seeing him will definitely be worth the wait. thats what i focus on when i miss my soldier.

I agree you are really stong because i can't handle him being gone for 4 months let alone being gone for a year. It scares me to think about my boyfriend going to Iraq because I am not sure what I am going to do. This is really stressful for me being so young but I am trying to handle this thing..<br />
<br />
You are very strong and I commend you for being that strong and I just hope when my time comes I can be as strong as you are.

You are a very strong person. My boyfriend will be deployed soon when he gets out of AIT and I have no idea how I will handle not seeing him or talking with him for a year. How did you do it?