Thanks for all of you who have commented already.  It makes me feel better that I am not alone.  My family tries to understand, but they just cant.  My mom met my dad when they were in high school, and my sister met her husband when they were in high school also.  They have no idea what its like to go to college and date, let alone be a girlfriend of an Army Specialist.  You have all helped a lot...i do not think you realize.  I am really all alone in this with my soldier, and he tries a lot to help, but i have to stay strong for him through his AIT because it is getting really tough.  Military intelligence is no joke...very strenuous!  Just wanted to see if anyone else was from Texas!  My soldier is at Ft. Huachuca right now then who knows where! 

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I go to school in Huntsville (SHSU) but am from a small town 30 miles away from galveston....thought it would be easier to type it on here....

I am from texas as well! I'm going to start college in the fall and my boyfriend will be off to basic then as well. Which part of texas are you from?