The "What If" Game ....Killing the "What If" Monsters

Ok. I do apologize for not posting this sooner. This is a game that I made up for those "I don't know my strength" Days. Those moments when every single "what if" runs through your mind and you can't change the channel or push mute. The times when the fear of "what could" happen. I promise, no matter how hard this game is, you will walk away stronger and more at peace. I also promise there will be tears but the game ends with laughter. 

You need the following: A friend that understands (I STRONGLY suggest another military girl). This friend needs to be honest about being strong enough, at the moment, to play. You also need to be willing to look under the bed for the "What If" Monsters.  It is your duty to be fully honest about your fears. It is your friend's duty to show you the reality of it.  It takes two to face monsters and kill them ... just like you use to run to a parent/older sibling to look under your bed.  The parent/older sibling was stronger then you at the moment.  

Example:   I go to my friend M. with my "what if" monsters.  

Me - "M. I need to play "What If". Can you play with me?

M - "Sure, let's go."

****1st "What If" Me - "What if he doesn't see the danger?"

M - "Is he trained? Very trained for this job?"

Me - "Well yeah"

M - "Is he strong?"

Me - "Hell yes"

M - "Soooo..... is he smart?"

Me - "Very much!" (I'm getting mad at this point --)

M - "Is his squad trained and do they cover each other?"

Me - "yes, they've trained hard"

M - "Trust it. He and his unit are very well trained. They are strong, intelligent and ALWAYS looking out for the danger."

***2nd "What If"

Me - "What if he comes back not in love with me?"

M - "Was he when he left?"

Me - "Yes and I love him so much! I can't live without him!"

M - "Does he try to contact you as much as he can?"

Me - "yes."

M - "Does he stay up, after being on a mission for days, just to ask you how your day was?"

Me - "Every time we talk."

M - "Stays up so much that he's fighting falling asleep on webcam??"

Me - "Yes, it's so cute when he does fall asleep on webcam. I just want to hold him."

M - "He goes above and beyond JUST to tell you he loves you! Why question that?"

Me - "LOL.... I don't know!"

M - "Silly, he's crazy about you!!!"  

 The game can go on and on .... but you get the point. My friend M. is making me step out of myself and look at the big picture. These "What If" Monsters just need to be faced. We, as supportive Military Girlfriends/Wives, try to hide our fears because it's "the strong thing". I believe that it's when we face them, we grow and grow stronger. I do believe that this should be done with someone who understands what those monsters look like and sound like. The friend is not to just try to pacify this fear. Friend is supposed to TALK you through the thought process of this fear. Yes, there are things that could happen but living IN that fear, of those things, is not living. There is no reason to walk around in these fears every moment.  

I hope this helps at least one other person. At the end of the game, make sure your friend is ok and you both are laughing. I try to remember to make the last one as silly as possible, when I'm the friend killing the monsters (ie what if he comes back and I've lost my razor and can't shave my legs).  :)  

Chins up my strong friends! 

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I love this. Thanks for sharing.

Again an older post from you that makes me laugh and kills the one monster none of my friends could... the what if he doesn't love me anymore... He's fallen asleep (almost) multiple times on his webcam!!! Reading that from you squished that monster dead!!! I want your friend M and you to play that game with me next time I get that mode... unfortunately I'm not around any military wives anymore and well, my friend's answers now are just "what happens, happens".<br />
PS. I'm putting a shaving bag together and it's staying in my car!!!

Aw, I really like this idea! :)

I love this idea, Im definitely gonna give it a try :)

I'm glad ya'll like it. I know it's gotten me through a lot over this last year.

OMG! That is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much hun. We're all gonna be playing this from now on to keep our sanity. LOL You sound like such a strong woman and I appreciate this story a lot. Best wishes to you and your man! :)

This rocks!! thank you for sharing this with us.

YAAAAYYY!!!! <br />
<br />
Thank you SO much for sharing! It is a fantastic way to get the monsters out, in the open, and killt dead, lol!!! And now that the format is here for all to read we can help each other in each of our own battles.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your strength! <br />
<br />
Happy Homecomings to you!!!

Of Course... with Allineed's help ... adding her own twists to it! :) share some allineed!