HE"S Home!!! Finally.

Yesterday was such an amazing day!

I couldn't sleep the whole dang night. He and I texted each other until the wee hours of the morning cause neither one of us could sleep! But he had to be up and packed and ready to go at like  am. So he calls me around 8 am and tells me that they are waiting at the airport for their flight. Then around 11 he called and told me that they got them an ealier flight. So me think I still have like 2 hours I am still in my pjs and cleaning up. So I rush to get all 3 of the babies dressed,ballons,posters and things like that in the car. And then I still had to go and get the older 2 boys out of school. But I made it on time and everything. I could hardly drive the car I was so excited. so we went to the building where they were having the cermony. Some of our friends had already got there so they were waiting. We are standing there what seemed like foeever and I hear Jason<----a friend say " The buses just pulled up!" and then I got goosebumps and butterflies and 100 diffent emotions all at once. The kids were jumping up and down. So I expected a long speech.But to my wonderful surprise they just marched in and their Srgt. Said "Dismissed Soldiers!" And then there was a mad rush of people. So I couldn't even see where he was and he came up behind me and grabbed me into the biggest,tightest hug I have ever had. We had only a few moments of hugs and kisses before the kids saw who I was hugging and they almost tackled him to the ground. IT was the cutest thing in the world....that made me cry. I thougt I would have cried more when I saw him,but only a few tears got away. It was the most amazing thing. When he hugged me all the pain,saddness,stress,worring that I had been dealing with over the last year just melted away and all I could feel was complete happiness. The last year was so worth just the moment in time. He has been home for alittle over 24 hours and things are alittle strange,but its just nice to have him home. Normal things scare him...he couldn't even drive anywhere because trash on the side of the road worried him and he would not even want to pass by it. But that is understandable. Loud noises scare him alot so I am trying to keep things calm and quiet but that is hard to do with 5 kids. BUt mostly he just seems happy to be home. Hard for him to just relax and sit around. But that will just take time. Mostly today he just slept and played with the kids. Sorry to make this so long! Well we are going to take alittle trip to the park and get some dinner. Thank you to all you girls who have been here and help girls through this. I will still be on cause...Military life doesn't stop when they get home.......God Bless Girls...Bestrong cause in the end it is more than you could ever ask for:)

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SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! I am sitting here crying!!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us...It gives us light at the end of the tunnel, and reminds uo all that it will all be worth it when our soldiers FINALLY come home!<br />

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this awesome update. Reading and living vicariously through yours and Troy's reunion gave us all hope that is priceless.<br />
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As I read your painted picture, I was covered in goose bumps and just as many of the girls above, fought back the tears. This is "Voices Of The Silent Ranks" worthy, a bright light in our darkest times, for all women to cling to.<br />
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Congratulations and Thank you again for taking the time from your precious reunion to touch all of us!<br />
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God Bless and Thank you too for the beautiful flowers you sent. I loved them and am honored to be a part of your journey~<br />
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That's awesome! Congrats!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :)

I am sooo happy for you! CONGRATS!!!!

This honestly made me cry...but in the good way!<br />
We are all soo worried about deployment and how we are gonna get through it, and to actually read the story of your homecoming, and to feel these emotions that your describing in your story...it really is worth it, isnt it?<br />
Thank you so much for sharing. We all write about our fears and the stresses of army life, but its really refreshing to hear about the rewarding parts of it too.<br />
Enjoy having your solider home. I cant wait until i get to experience this.

OH MY!!! I held back the tears until the part where the kids saw him! They just busted out of my eyes! <br />
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I'm sooo happy for you! It's funny that you talked about not being able to find him --- that's one of my "what if"s for mine's homecoming NEXT WEEKEND! <br />
<br />
SO very happy for you and your family! At least the healing gets to happen in the same home, a home full of love and laughter.

Thank you so much for sharing this! We've all been reading your stories and updates and it's SO nice to get to read this too. Thank you for opening this part of the homecoming up and sharing it. It honestly made me cry...something I've been holding in for far too long. There is so much pressure and so many supposed to's in this world of ours.<br />
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I am so happy for you and your family that he's home safe and sound and you're all together! I know it must feel wonderful. I can so picture a dad being tackled by all of his kids at once-so much joy! <br />
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I would love heearing how things continue to go for you all. I think it's the shared experience that helps so much...hey maybe that's why they call this place the EXPERIENCE project, lol!<br />
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Congratulations honey!!!<br />
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Aww that's simply adorable hun. I'm happy for the two of you. Best wishes! :)

I can't wait for mne and Mikes time! I am so jealous lol But good for you hunny!