First and foremost I just want to thank the womyn that have given me advice before. Honestly, I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

So yeah, its going on two months... time seems to be going fast for him but feels like its crawling for me. We really don't talk much... I'm always in school (class) and by the time I get home its way too early over there. its like crap there's not much we can do but email each other which also sucks.

I feel like he's getting a little worried about me remaining faithful to him because my best girlfriends and I have been hanging out with a duude (him and my Soldier met once before deployment). He saids it jokingly but I know him very well (5yrs) and I know it bothers him. However, when I am around my girlfriends and this duude I feel happy again. I smile and laugh the way I used to when he was here.

I go away for school... so sometimes him being away hits me ten times harder than it usually does. Its so sad... I can't even spend a weekend in my school because I get down and depressed... I've actually begun to hate this place and go home to my family every weekend to avoid getting depressed.

Any who, his new thing is to get married when he comes back from deployment and move to Texas!!!! He asked me to think about it and let him know before August but yeah its not something that I want. When he comes back I'll just be graduating college... not knowing what to do with my life after-wards and not he wants to move me to a different/ far place.I/ve  told my family and friends and they nearly cried; FYI  I am an extremely family oriented person-- cant live with them cant live without them.

I just needed to vent out because I have been going crazy keeping all these things to myself. I hate talking to most people because they look at you as if you were a drama queen or something and it annoys me.

Hope all is well with everyone


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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Being a 9th genaration Texas Girl, Texas isn't bad at all! There's 5 different regions, the land is totally different all over the state. It's not like the movies!! <br />
<br />
But ... on to the pressing issues... you do have time to think, to weigh all the issues. As for him wondering about your faithfulness, men are so much like women when it comes to this... esp. when they are so far away. So, I suggest you show him the way you would want him to show you that's he's faithful. We all know that words are just not enough sometimes (but I know, it feels like it's all we have during a deployment). There are ways to SHOW you are. Every relationship is different, so you have to find your own ways to show him. <br />
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Chin up!