It is weird, I am an Army girlfriend... I think, I am dating a guy who is in ROTC.  Some consider ROTC not army because they are in training, so does that mean that I am a "wanna be" army girlfriend? I love him to death and to me he is a hero.  True he has not faught in anything or even is in with the ranks yet, but he still wears the same uniform and lives by the same values.  I view him as a soldier, but do others?

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I understand what some of you are trying to say, but true they have no "real" rank, but they have Ranks, and true he won't be deployed for awhile, but he will leave me over the summer for jump school or air assault school. Not trying to be rude but I wasn't prepared for all of the "No he is not a soldier comments". He is contracted, he gets paid, he is trained, and he wears the uniform.

they do the exact same thing other soldiers do, they just practice longer before getting any real experience. mine is rotc, and i consider contracting out to be when they're soldiers. i get they have no real rank, but i guess that doesn't mean as much to me as it should :( i feel like saying they're not a soldier until they go to basic is like saying the reserves are not soldiers. and if a soldier isn't deployed outside the country, for whatever reason, does that not make him a soldier? honestly, imo half of it is being contracted and the other half is having the strength and conviction to see it through, just like non-rotc soldiers. feel free to pm me anytime :)

I think ROTC is a great way to go, but not the best way to go for everyone, I think thats simply what she was trying to say :)<br><br><br />
Anyway the reason why I think that ROTC does make you a "Soldier", at least in my situation, is because I'm going into ROTC on a full Scholarship, for Nursing. And afterward I'll owe the army 4 years Active duty, and 4 years reserve, I will end up contracting either my freshman or sophomore year of college which will make me "Part of the Army" hence, a Soldier, or at least partially. So from my point of view ROTC and college is simply a "training" phase until I'm finished with college. Thats just my opinion I'm not trying to offend anyone, & I didn't mean to sound so harsh when I said "then they're full of crap" on the other one, sorry :)<br><br />
I can also see the other side of it though, because ROTC members are often referred to as "cadets", not "soldiers" but I honestly think it has to do with your personal opinion & not just a technicality. I mean its like "ToMatoe" "TomAtO" to me :)

Just to comment on KittensGirl's comment about how ROTC is the smarter way to go, i don't think i nessecarily agree with that. My soldier went to school for a semester, droped out, hung around for a little while and then joined the army. Now he's getting a great education, that he can use in the army and once he gets out, plus they're paying him to get it...Just saying, it is a plus.

Ok people if Basic is the only thing that makes a soldier a soldier and if ArmyFiance11B is right then technacaly any one who goes through ROTC isn't ever a soldier... ROTC is for people that are joining the Military and who also want to go to collage at the same time... You sign a contract so you're government property nomatter what you do... Honestly I think ROTC is the smarter way to go because you get to go to collage and experence that along with getting all trained up to defend this country after you graduate... and the best part is that you get a smarter soldier where as one that just came out of basic most likely only has a high school deploma under his/her belt... and no i'm not dissin any one here... my soldier was fresh out of high school when he went in to the Army...

I am sorry, but I do not look at him as a soldier yet. True, he is training and doing things maybe to prepare him for the army, but he is not in it yet. He has not been through bootcamp where he cannot talk to anyone for weeks on end, put through horrible pain and suffering, and come out at the end. He has not undergone training and been shipped out yet. I know it sounds mean, but he not a soldier yet. Once he enlists and goes to bootcamp, that is where he becomes a soldier.

He has PT every Monday Wednesday and Friday. He contracted his this past year (his freshman year) but they call this first year kinda like a freebie I guess. I he wants to back out he doesn't owe the Army anytime; however, come next semester (his sophomore year) if he backs out after classes start he owes the Army two years. Thanks for your help!

Probably has a lot to do with opinion, I guess?? Or how others view ROTC. But If I am correct (I think I am I'm trying to got ROTC for college also) But doesn't he "contract" his sophomore year of college right?? Anyway Contracting would make him officially a part of the army if it even matters, in my opinion I think he is a soldier, Because hes going to end up serving as an officer soon enough and ROTC produces some of the best soldiers, so yeah I think he is a soldier. Just as when I'm in college and apart of the ROTC I will consider myself a soldier. They do PT like "regular" soldiers do with the same standards and like you said the same uniform, They don't go to BCT (Basic Combat Training) like enlisted soldiers do but they'll end go to OBLC (Officer Basic Leader Course) Which is just as good. So if someone where to say to you "He's not a soldier if hes in the ROTC" then they're full of crap, and it would be just like saying "Army Reserve & Army National Guardsmen Aren't real soldiers" (