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My Life has been really hard for me. so far in life i have been bounced around from parent to parent. and my mama left and moved away with my two little brothers and my dad has been drinking alot and wasting all our money on it and idk wut to do. and than when i was 14 i met what i thought would just be my boyfriend but i fell in love with this man and its been 4 years and we are still in love and he joined the army in september and it was really hard. but we wrote while he was going through boot camp and all and now we finally get calls since he was in training. its really hard awaiting that call telling him he has to leave me once again. we arent married yet but i know one day we will be, iam finishing up school, and i truly need more people to give me support and tell me there experiences with this because its very hard but iam stronger than ever because of it. so if you are going through this. sitting by the phone. falling asleep awaiting his call. and missing him jsut as much as iam. and feeling a lil depressed comment and tell me about u and ur story it would really help me. thank you yall. <3

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thank you everyone this helps me alot, because its been really hard.

My soldier and I have been together for 4 years and have 5 children. I was with him through basic,AIT and through his first deployment. He just got home from deployment on tuesday. And it is very hard to go through this no matter what stage ur soldier is at in his military career. But all the days and nights that I thought that I could just not go another day without him here disappeared when he came home from Iraq...its like they never happened. So the only good advice I can give is that you can make it,but its a stuggle and you just have to find your own way to be strong and stand by your man cause at the end of this is so worth it:0 Good Luck,stay strong....God Bless:) If you need anything let me know.

well me and my boyfriend have been dating for quite awhile and he is at ait right now. he's so far away and i miss him like crazy but its that one phone that keeps me going whenever he gets the chance. he's my best friend and we're planning to get married as soon as he comes home. you can do this. if you've made it this far you can go all the way. good luck :) and if you ever need to talk im here.

Well, you've already read my story. I know that before my man went off to basic there's no way we could have dated, and yet I wish more than anything that he could have changed someother way. He always says now that the army was the best thing he ever did, and yet it's his biggest curse. All I want is more time with him. You're so unbeleivibly lucky that you got 4 awesome years with him.<br />
A little bit of advice for you though, and I don't know your situation at all, but you mentioned getting married someday. I guess if I where you I'd want to get married sooner than later. The army has great benefits for couples, he'll get paid more and you can move onto post with him. Plus it'll keep him out of the barracks, which i'm sure he'd appreciate...just sayin...The important thing for you is to concentrate on finishing school. <br />
Do you have any idea when he's leaving? It's been tough for me becuase first we expected him to ship out in October and then we got the news that now he's leavin in September. I swear, if he was going to be in AZ any longer I would move down there to be with him, reguardless of what my family thinks. But I need to finish this year of school and by that time it wouldn't even pay. <br />
Let me know if you ever need to talk or vent or whatever. I'm a pretty good listener.