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Hiii everyone! i havent gotten a chance to log in for awhile. i got pretty occupied with school & work which is good because time is going by pretty fast. anyways, i hope everyone is doing good. :)

Just an update.. my boyfriend is finally graduating from boot camp/coming home in 18 days! and i am SOOOO EXCITED! every time i think about it.. id end up getting butterflies in my stomach and i just cant stop myself from smiling so big! But at the same time.. im kinda nervous because i dont know how things will be when he gets back. i just hope things will be just how it was before he left home!

i also have a feeling that he got his orders because on his last letter.. he was talking about how itll be if he gets deployed to afghanistan and how some of his friends already got their orders and all this other stuff about deployment. idk if im being paranoid or what for thinking that he probably got his orders. but idk.. i just think/have a feeling that he just doesnt know how/when to say it to me that hes gonna have to leave again when he hasnt even gotten home.

well for now.. im just waiting for him to come back & im just hoping that ill get to spend some time with him and will try to just worry about deployment when he tells me about it. sigh.

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Try not to worry too much, babe. They like to wait until after AIT to even think about deploying...there really is no use deploying a soldier thats only been half trained.<br />
Try to focus on the good. Hes graduating!! You get to see him!! and beleive me, when you first see him standing out there on the field in his BDUs, every second of waiting is gonna have been worth it.<br />
mine changed a little bit, he was a little quieter and cleaner lol. And the first night we slept together, i accidently woke him up and he had a relapse thinking he was back at base and started freaking out cause he thought he missed formation. That scared me a little bit, but its really okay. Their under a lot of stress. mostly he will just be happy to be outta bct and with you :) enjoy your time with your soldier and keep us updated on graduation ^_^ love pictures.

Try to just focus of the good stuff for now. Some guys do get their feployment papers while in basic but I think it just depends on where they are from and their unit. My soldier was in basic with a guy that had to deploy 2 days after graduation. But until he tells you don't worry to much about it. It could very well be along time before you have to worry about. And don't waste your energy on the "what ifs" those things will drain you! focus on your man coming home and loving him. He will be changed just alittle. They are never 100% the same weather they go to basic or get deployed they change...some for the better ..and some not so much..but just worry about all the changing and things will you get to the bridge. Be happy! Him coming home will be great! God Bless!

awh im so happy for you! my boyfriend just graduated from basic and he changed alittle bit but in a good way. im sure it didnt change the way your boyfriend feels about you. dont worry about the whole order thing yet. just wait until he tells you. until then, just focus on him coming home and spending time with him until he does have to deploy. good luck girl!