So my fiancé is home on leave, he got to come home Friday and is staying until the 27th.
Well his parents who I am really close with, kicked me out today for no reason... They want to spend time with their son and I get that but he says when they spend time together they don't even talk, yet they arent spending time with him when I'm there... He is going to Alaska and the chances of me seeing him over the next 2 years is VERY low.. And their chances of seeing him is high, they can practically go whenever they feel like... So I'm trying to spend as much time with him as I can cause I won't see him before he gets deployed...They also told him I am not allowed over until I tell them thank you for what they have done for me..thing is that I do tell them thank you every time I stay over and every time they feed me and stuff, I even do house work to show them I am thankful... I just don't know what to do anymore cause he doesn't have a car here and his parents said he can't use their car to come see me, has anyone else had this problem where their S/O parents suddenly don't like you anymore? I need help😔
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Oh sheesh have I been there, I don't want to write a book as a comment lol but I was 15 when I met my milso and now a month away from being 18 and his family is just starting to put up with me. His step mom hated me as soon as she met me in person she got in my face and pointed her finger and yelled at me (at his basic training graduation of all places).. It's rough that he doesn't have a car, do you not have one either? My dad hated my milso and I used to have to lie and say I was going somewhere else and go out to dinner with him or go for a drive with him... Maybe that's an option for him? It's obviously not ideal, but you gotta do what you gotta do...
His parents are probably just worried that you are temporary and they are his parents so they need to spend the time with him now if they can because the military is a dangerous job especially if he's deploying soon.
What you need to do is tell your milso to stick up for you. He should tell his parents that you're not temporary and that he loves you and wants to spend time with all of you and not have to choose and maybe they'll listen to him.
If you have to kiss *** for a little while because it's worth it to be able to see him. If they want you to say thank you, say it. And say it a lot. Who cares, it's two words for moment and memories with your man that you don't want to miss out on. It's awkward when I'm with my milso's family but I still go around them because I'd rather share my time than lose it all together.
So I ended up writing a book anyways, sorry:/ If you wanna talk more just let me know! I'm here. Goodluck.

My husbands mom and sister never really cared for me, but after a certain point if he stands up for you enough they will begin to see that they aren't in control of what he does or when he see's you.... I have never stayed at her house when he was there (before we got married that is) I never felt comfortable being alone with her. Most mothers are going to be very protective over there sons especially when they think your going to be something more than just a girlfriend, they don't always feel comfortable not being the only woman anymore.