So Now What?

My boyfriend of seven months just joined the US Army. He leaves for Basic in 2 weeks and I won't see him for 5 months. He's going in to be a Military Police Officer and I'm scared to death.

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Hey I know this is an old post but my boyfriend is also an MP but he left in January! How is your boyfriend doing?!

I know exactly how you feel.

ok highlander, calm down there. the girl has every right to be scared.<br />
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well hello hunnie. how are you? my boyfriend of 8 months just left for basic not that long ago. let me start off by saying, and i wont sugar coat it, it s going to be hard and make sure you spend your last two weeks doing alot together, creating more memories, take lots of pictures, save his texts, and even video tape eachother before he leaves. i hold onto these things because when im upset this is what i look at and it keeps me going.. i am very new to all this but its hard but keep yourself busy and you will be fine..<br />
...deff make sure you write him all the time, i have wrote everyday and i dont even have his address yet. all the girls told me that u dont know the next time you will get a letter or a phone call, but when you get a phone call and even if it is 30 seconds long, it is the best phone call ever and to hear his voice is just amazing. i have had 2 of those phone calls and that is what i hang onto until the next time i get to talk to him. i have also received a few letters but no return address.<br />
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feel free to message me and i will explain more!<br />
stay strong will be fine = )<br />
plus, this website is amazing and helps soo much!

What is it you are scared of? Are you worried about the new life he is about to enter? How about just telling him that you love him, or do you!