I Hope This Gets Better

My soldier has been at ait for two days now. He says he hates it there, and wants to come home. We talked on the phone for about eight mintues last night until he wanted to go.  He had to get up in six hours but he usually always wants to talk to me no matter how much sleep he gets. We talked on texting for like twenty mintues tonight and he just seems like a different person. He was perfectly normal when i saw him at his graduation but now it just seems like everything is going downhill.  I love him more than anything but I just dont know what i did wrong. This is really getting to me and  all i can do is cry. I dont know how you girls go through deployment but you guys are my heroes. I hope he goes back to normal soon so i can quit worrying.


Thanks for letting me rant :/

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Keep calm sweetie.<br />
Hes gotta readjust to living without having someone telling him what to do every second of the day like in BCT.<br />
My boyfriend hated AIT at first too. He would call me and rant and rave about how unorganized everything is and how the COs never talk and get orders confused and all the bullshit they have to put up with.<br />
But thats just the training.<br />
Keep reminding him that this is just a few months. And once he gets a higher status, you will be able to come visit him, or he'll be able to go get off base and chill for the day (gold stat is best ^_^ i got to stay the entire weekend with my soldier, without having to return him for formation)<br />
<br />
Once he gets out of training, its gonna be just like a regular job. He'll get the weekends off, and he'll be treated mostly like a civil person.<br />
<br />
Dont take how he is treating you personally. It has nothing to do with you, sweetie. Hes just stressed :) it will get better!<br />
just hang in there.