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Hii ladies!

so my boyfriend left last wednesday and since than, i got two phone calls. which total the amount of time of a minute. haha but everyone was right by saying that you dont know the next time your going to talk to them or get a letter but hearing from them even for 30 seconds makes all those days go so much better. i was so happy to hear from him.


i also got a letter this morning, along with my acceptance letter to northwood university in Florida. i am having such a great day.

i just wanted to throw it out there that everyone on this website is great and really helps eachother get thru things. its nice to have people to come talk to considering none of my friends understand what i am going thru and what all of u are going thru. i try to explain but they will never get it. i realize how much more i appreciate him and hes only been gone less than a week. i cant even imagine the women who go thru deployment with her boyfriends... that is months away for me but i know its going to come.


until my next story, stay strong ladies. we are all here for eachother!!!



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Congrats on getting excepted to the U of F!! Thats so awesome, right after my man left I found out I was accepted to Washington State! & I'm so excited! <br />
Even tho the 30 sec phone calls go by quickly, but they are the best and, just hearing his voice is so awesome! & then you can play it over and over again in your head until the next time he calls! :)<br><br />
<br />
& him being away defiantly make you realize how precious your time is with him :) I dunno how everyone gets through deployments either! It takes amazing strength and Love!! And defiantly so does making it through the basic training and AIT part, because thats just the beginning!<br><br />
<br />
Your a very strong lady I can tell just from your posts & you're so nice and supportive :) I'm sure that your man sees that too! <3 Keeping staying strong too :)