He Asked & I Said Yes!!!!

I'm Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fiance [wow!] is coming home in 4-5 weeks for his R&R... we decided to get married while he is home. Obviously its going to be a courthouse deal. But I think I am going to get a minister to perform a small ceremony with our parents.

I don't want to miss anything [wedding stuff, paperwork, insurance, etc] What all do I need to do before and while he's home?? & Since I'll be moving to Texas before he returns, what will I need to do for that???? HELP!!!


He Stole My Heart, So I'm Going To Steal His Last Name!! ;o)

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First, nobody knows me but congrats on your engagement!!<br />
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second- bhertz- he really just needs his id and iorders to get married?? are you talking deployment orders? is that just texas or just army or a military thing in general??

awww honey I am very happy for you!!! And she stole my answer, google it chick, google away, lol!

OMG!!!! How exciting! I am soo happy for you! Mike and I just got married in Texas before he left...so I woulld google all the things you need...I know you need your birth certifacte, drivers licnse, and social security card, and he just needs his id and orders!<br />
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GGood Luck Sweety I am so so proud for you!

CONGRATS!!<br />
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thats so exciting. im so happy for you.

I'm sooo Happy for you!!! yay!! Congrats!! we're going to have a very small wedding at first too, so we can be "official" I guess lol before he deploys, we were going to have a nice sized wedding, but we found out he is deploying sooner then we thought, so we're gonna speed things up a bit :)<br><br />
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I wish you ALL the luck in the world and I know you're gonna make a beautiful bride!! <br><br />
I'm sure about all the technical stuff, marriage license is about as much as I know, lol I know you have to fill out paper work to change your last name.. but other then that I'm not sure. :)<br><br />
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Congratulations girl!!<br><br />
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awh thats so exciting! <br />
i dont know what the hell to do about the marriage stuff but thats so exciting!

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If you plan on getting married in TX, it takes at least 72 hours to get paperwork. So you have to file 72 hours before you want to get married.