What Do I Do?

So i just got off the phone with my soldier who is at ait right now, and idk i just get really scared hearing about things, and im a really big worrier and im scared that something bad could happen at ait. i know, its just schooling but am i overreacting for thinking this way? And he was talking about getting drafted into the war soon. He is supposed to have guarenteed two years home without getting shipped out anywhere, but could this change? I just dont know why he brought it up so suddenly. I told my best friend about what he said and all she could say was, oh dont worry about it. Okay seriously, how am i not going to worry about it? He is my best friend and my whole world. We've been thru thick and thin together for two years now. She doesnt even try to understand. My parents tried to help me out with not worrying about everything and stuff, but nobody understands and my friends dont even care to. I feel so alone and this whole worrying this isnt getting me anywhere. I need advice :/

arrmywife arrmywife
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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

my soldier is at ait right now too...he is in military intelligence...what is yours in?<br />
i know, i am a worrier too, and i know how much it sucks to constantly think about bad things that could happen. I dont think you have much to worry about at AIT training. My soldier goes to class most of the day and does PT and stuff like that. They are careful...esp because they do not want to lose soldiers in training. I wouldnt worry much about AIT, although i know you will if you are like me.<br />
I try not to think about what might happen, where he might be shipped to, and all that jazz....it constantly pops up in my head and then i have mini panic attacks, but then i just have to yell at myself and say that god will take care of him and me and that what will happen will happen, because we have no control over it. i just try to not think about that stuff and live week to week. i know that my pseudo-advice may not help much, but that is what i am doing at the moment. i live for the weekends. <br />
i hope all is well and you get to talk to him again soon. he will find out where he is stationed about halfway through or so, so that will help! good luck!!!!