Why Do People Have to Be Rude???

Ok as a lot of you well know, a mariene girlfriend posed some nasty stuff earlier...  i think if they are going to do that that they should be no longer walcome in a group that says "I Am a United States Girlfriend"  We are here to support eachother and any one who causes trouble and get's me all pissed off and **** like this (because i have a strong urge to defend my baby with tooth and nail) shouldn't be welcome...  making trouble is not a good thing when many of us are going through hard times...  i'm just asking for every army girlfriends support in not comminting on any of the mariene girlfriends stories any more...

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i agree, not all marine girlfriend/wives are rude. my sister is married to a marine [[my bro in law]] and she aint like that at all but someon here think they are betetr because of there men in the mairnes not the army. they are jsut starting drama and need to stop im here for support not drama. yano?

i apoligize if i seemed biased at all... i was a bit shook up or what ever you want to call it... i know that there is always two sides to the story. and i also know (no one personally) that there are girls out there that are supportive in diffrent branches... we are after all in the same boat... our men have the rank and the titles not us... we are all equal no matter what some might think :)

I think we are only judging a few of them bases souly on their words....and actions...I know many marine girlfriends who are mature...loving and great friends... Regardless of their ages....I agree with the fact that they need to leave the group...after all how many army girlfriends belong to their groups aimed towards just marine girlfriends...now if this post had been started in I'm a military girlfriend I think the stakes would have been totally different...It would have given the Navy, and Air force to join in on their "FUN"....So based on that last statement I made...I can guarantee they singled us army girls out which isn't fair...but i'm ready for it to be over....I talked to Dale about this and he is apauled that I even fed into their ploys to get under my skin...He reminded me of the golden rule...Do onto others as you would have them do onto you....We all army girls know who we are as a person and know that we have to sleep in the bed that we make...I know I won't be having any nightmares tonight...Did any of that make sense??? I'm still giddy about hearing from Dale....

So glad, I'm not the only one feeling that Ohlalala's rants are so high school. When I read them I tried to remember that she's young. But as many of you have commented, we need to be here for each other regardless as to what branch our men serve in. Despite differences in branch, rank, and MOS, we all have men that are laying their lives on the line for something that unfortunately is bigger than us all. Instead of trying to tear each other down, we should be trying to build each other up.

my whole point exactally imhisprincess

I think its all become this ridiculous drama fest, so I'm not going to be posting anything on either threads anymore because I want to get back to real life lol, and not this stupid crap. They aren't going to convince me that their men are better no matter how many "facts" that put on there because they aren't actual facts they are opinion, and there is no sense in continuing something when they think they've already "won," lol when there isn't anything to be won. Its dumb don't feed into their drama.

i think so!!! i mean come on!! leave the compition for our men and let them argue about it like it always has been... we're here to support one another!

I'm with you on that one. They sound like they are in First grade..."My dad can beat up your dad!"<br />
So childish! Don't we have more important things to worry about!?!?