My bf wrote me and on his address it says INF...does that mean infantry?? and what exactly is infantry?

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oh lol I for got the second part Infantry or (11B) are the Front line guys, "trained to fight on foot" is what the dictionary says. <br />
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The Queen of Battle, The carriers of Americas Faith and Honor, The best trained Soldiers in the world!<br />
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I Am The Infantry!<br />
Follow Me.<br />
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lol a little part of the "Infantrymen's creed"<br />
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Is your soldiers MOs actaully 11B or is it something else? just wondering :)

yeah its infantry, My fiance is in Ft. Benning for Infantry basic and on his address I write<br><br />
<br><br />
C. Company 2-54th IN BCTB (Basic combat training battalion)<br><br />