Do you any of you have pets? or "Furbabies" lol

I was just wondering do you think that the pets really know whats going on when your husband or fiance or Bf leaves?(if you been living together, and such)? Because I think our dog does but I dunno, shes been really whiny lately, shes always whining even if shes already eaten and has just been outside. And she just sits and looks out the window for long periods of time almost like shes waiting for him.

  How do your animals at while hes away? what do you think? :)

(I have some really cute pictures of our doggy, Delilah, in my pictures section if you're intersted :))

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yeah of corse they do!!! my Jesser-Dog (Jessie is her name but yeah) maops when i'm not around and never leaves my side or the door or if she's out side my car when she knows i'm getting ready to leave... lol next road trip i'm going on will be with her, she breaks my heart... she know's the sound of my car and my dad's and my aunt's... she barks at every one elses :)

lol yeah, Delilah has been following me around the house everywhere, and cuddles up to me at night and when I cry too, shes so cute. When every I leave the house she jumps up on the bed or in the other room the couch and watches me leave and then shes right back up there when she sees me drive up too I'm pretty sure shes even memorized my car because I like in an area where our drive way is shared by other people, but my bedroom window is facing the drive way and she sees my car and goes running to the front door :P

My boyfriend would come over every day after school and he'd spend the night all the time, and my cat was just grown to him. Ever since my soldier went off to basic, my cat seems different and distant. So i think that might be why :)

Bless, Your pets have emotions and dogs even more so are one owner type of animals. So when your partner leave and if they were close to them then yes you will see a difference. x