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I got a 2 and a half minute phone call today. i was so happy and grateful to hear his voice. it made everything better for the crappy day that i was having. he said he is tired and sore lol than he started crying because he missed me so much. i felt so helpless. i just wanted to jump through the phone and hug him. i cant wait to see him and it is so far but yet so close. he said he sent me a letter today with his return address. i am so excited because i have wrote to him, at least once, sometimes two to three times a day and they are all saved and ready to go except dont have an address. i cant wait to send them to him!

should i send all at once? or one day at a time? lol


--- QUESTION: does anyone feel this way:

my friends just don't seem to understand what i am going through or how i feel. i feel like i can explain it to them and all they say is, you waiting for him? you dont think hes cheating on you? this and that.. nothing of the things i want to hear. i am not asking for sympothy because i hate that but im asking for a few words that will help me. but i get everything negative. they are sad when they  havent seen their boyfriend in a day or two. i said imagine not knowing the next time i can talk to him or get a letter from him and when i do hear form him, it is 30 seconds, granted, the best 30 seconds of my life but still. i was like you wont realize what you have infront of you until they are gone and you cant have them 24-7. i am so thankful for this website and everyone on it who helps eachother out. without you girls, i wouldnt be getting through this. 

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. you have no idea how much it means. especially the women i have talked to who have men that are deployed, i am not going through that yet, my boyfriend is just getting started. but they have made me even more convinced that i can do this and get through it.


i just wanted to share my thoughts because i know i can on here = ) everyone is the best on here!!


--- katelin ♥

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I FEEL THE SAME WAY!! My friends are kinda supportive but they don't know what I'm going through and ah I just know exactlyyyy what youre going through so I'm here if you wanna talk! Anytime I don't care

i have definitely felt the way ur feeling at many times. and about the letters, do as u wish but if it were me i'd prbly mail em all at once lol! oh and yes of course you can do this and get through it!

don't have long distance experience yet, sorry, but it's great you have letters all ready to go :) i think he'll appreciate it a lot.<br />
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as for the friends thing- believe me, we have all been there. when p does stuff for rotc, most summers he's gone for at least a month (i know- it's almost no time) with NO communication. if there was communication, i'd be fine, but you know, its a while to not hear from them. so i'd talk to my roommate about adjusting to the no communication thing, and how it's lonely sometimes (no matter WHERE your man is or for how long), and all i got was "you knew what you were getting in to" and "at least you HAVE a man." i love her to death, but they will NEVER understand how lonely it is or how hard it can get until they've been there. db may not have done basics yet, but he goes away much more than a civilian bf, and if you ever want a sympathetic ear, please pm me :)

aww we all know exactly what you mean. im going thru it right now. i havent heard from my bf in 2 weeks. Hes still in basic....i havent even gotten a letter. i write him every nite. and i try to send him one everyday but stamps are pretty expensive for packs. lol...but anyways....just keep writing and dont worry i was just like you when i first got on here. i cried all day every day about him. i still cry but only cuz im pregnant too lol....but it gets easier andtime will go like super duper fast.....and when you need someone to talk can DEF talk to me!!! keep ur head up...He loves you girl!!

i do feel that way too!! my boyfriend just finished traning not to long ago. yours still in bootcamp huh? when mine was in there it was hell but he got to write me and call on sundays does yours get to do tht too? <br />
i understand about the friend thing also becuz my friends are the same way. they dont understand how truly hard it is and how strong of a person u gotta be when he's out away from you. and i hate hearing those girls that are whining about how their boyfriend hasnt talked to them in a day. try months. right? if you ever need me darlin im here becuz i been throw this part and i can help you keep strong and you can help me too. its hard n u need someone there for you. so add me n send me a messsage sumtime sweetheart<br />
<br />
stay strong.

Well when my boyfriend left for basic training. i wrote him like every chance i got and when i got his first letter i sent all the letters that i wrote him. it was atleast 8 or 9. He was grateful that I sent them. He loved them. So if I were you I would send them all but sometimes it is better to get one each day so he can understand.<br />
<br />
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but the friends thing they will never fully understand where you are coming from because they do not have to worry about not seeing their significant other for months or not getting that phone call. <br />
<br />
i tell my friends all the time that they take their relationships for granted but they never really listen. <br />
<br />
Basic training was a difficult time for me because i had no one but if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me anytime.<br />
<br />
good luck and be strong :)

I feel the same way you do lolz! and it's so frustrating sometimes even depressing I am here to talk whenever you need someone. Take care and god bless!