so right now i am getting down my big *** suitcase and filling it with my clothes, his clothes and lots and lots on lingerie haha. I can't believe that this time is actually here already. It feels like it was just the other day i was starting to plan his r&r and now he has a couple of days till he is here! this is such an amazing feeling!

Ive been really worried about booking my ticket because as we all know, the army sucks on dates. hurry up and wait! haha. I have a southwest credit card where you earn free flights so im using that. I called the airlines today and asked them about if i booked the flight and he got delayed and changing everything. I told her that he was coming back from iraq and everything and she was more excited then i was! you know how we are all proud of our men, but when he said "but honestly sweetie, I hope you get up there to see him. You deserve your time together, we all appreciate everything they are doing, i know i surely do." I started crying! I swear im a huge ball of emotion! anyways, i found out that with the free ticket i can basically change it whenever i want to later or earlier and i can change the date i fly back too! its such a huge relief. Now i just have to fly up there and meet his mom by myself and pray he doesnt get delayed and leave me there alone with her....


oh and the best part is, he doesnt know im going up there before he is! im  gonna surprise him at the airport :)

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8 Responses Mar 4, 2009

aww im so happy for you. you finally get to see him!! You have to write me and tell me all about it. AWWW!!

Congrats Sweetie! I am so excited for you! I am kinda jealous to! Have fun anf enjoy it!

aweh. im sooo excited for you. i hope everything goes good. and he doesnt get delayed =] im glad you get to see your man again. and have a good time =]

awh im super happy for you!<br />
i hope you dont have to be stuck there with his mom for awhile :)<br />
have a good time girl!

i am so excited for you!! i can imagine all the butterflies that you are getting!! we all know what's it like to have that feeling.. i hope everything goes well when you see him and enjoy the time you guys have together!! :)

I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I know there is nothing better then finally getting to see our men! I know I was so excited that on my 13 hour flight here to Korea I couldnt sleep! I slept for MAYBE an hour and a half! Hahaha, Have fun girl! Enjoy your time together!! :)

aww...!!!! Way to make me tear up, thanks Southwest lady, lol!!! You know I'm beyond happy for you chica! And i can't wait for the re-cap ; )

Awww. I'm so excited for you hun. Keep me updated and let me know how everything goes once you're finally able to be together again :)