Ruined Date Night...

So it was Friday Night, my husband had gotten Dismissed early by his First Sergeant so me and him could go celebrate our Anniversary so we went to a different Base. We had planned to go to a movie and eat dinner at a Chinese Resteraunt.. Yes, a Chinese Resteraunt in Korea haha.. So we got off the bus, and headed to Shanghi Grill. We are about to finish eating dinner when his cell phone rings. Its his Sergeant he reports to. So he answers and she says, we need you to come to the mail room the Coronel wants her package. Preston was like Sergeant I am in Dague, First Sergeant dismissed me early for this. She says okay hangs up.. calls back 5 min later and says Cook, you have to come back! We are both upset, dont want to go but we figure its best so he doesnt get in trouble. He tells his Sergeant that we wont be there for at least 2 hours. The bus wouldnt be there for another hour and it takes an hour to get back...We finally get back there around 9, the Coronel isnt there. So my husband calls her and tells her that we were there, she asked where we had been all confused. He says well I wasn in Dague celebrating my Anniversary with my wife when I was called saying I had to come back here to give you your package. His cornol was like no, I was looking for you around 5 but I never said you had to come back.. but was like since you are there do i have a package? He searched his mailroom, no package but a note sayin there was. He goes to talk to her again, when a completely different Sergeant goes I need to talk to her, turns out he had made the Korean working the mail room give him the Coronels mail so he could give it to her and talk to her! The Cornol felt bad, and his Sergeant did for the misunderstanding. The only one who didnt was the dumb Sergeant at the CQ desk, who had caused all the problems! He was being such a jerk.. as my husband and the Coronel are talking he is like yeling in the backround, LET ME TALK TO HER.. I NEED TO SPEAK TO HER! Ugh, sometimes ppl here drive me nuts!! Needless to say it ruined our date night, so the next night we tried again, this time he made sure his phone "died" hahahaha we left my phone on, cause if his Sergeant REALLY needed him, she has my cell number too....

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ha ha ha almost the same thing happened when i was seeing my soldier over valentines day... well slightly diffrent but still similer... i was with him for the weekend and we were staying in a hotel not far... he was told to not even wory about coming in sunday morning to diliver the van cuz i was there (the Sgt. felt bad he even had to go friday night when i was there and let him go early) so at 8:30am when he was origonaly supposed to be there to get the van back his phone rings and wakes us up and he's told that he has to be there... so we get dressed and rush out the door both of us half sleeping and we're about to turn into the gate when he get's a phone call that he dosn't have to after all... so what do i do?! i roll with it and am determined not to make it a total waste of time and pull into a resteraunt so we could have breakfast... stupid army!!!

Sorry your anniversary celebration got delayed, but I'm so glad you're settling in over there, and that you guys are laughing about everything! Enjoy your time together honey!