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soo yall i need a little help. this is what happened sooo far...my boyfriend came home from boot camp for only a few days and his family was going through alot so i just told him to spend time with them and he would come see me he can come see me whenever he gets a next leave . anyways my dad was pissed about this because he wanted to meet him again and talk to him and what not and once my boyfriend left for texas my dad was pissed becuz he said he was not respectful enough to come seeme even though me and him agreed tht he needed the time with his family. so my dad is upset about all this and he thought me n my boyfriend broke up becuz of it but we never did. he saw me wearing my dog tags [[like i always do]] and he was like why you wearing those? and i said becuz he is my boyfriend and this is the only thing tht keeps me closer to him and my dad went off saying why dont you forget him and everything. i told him im in love with him and have been for years and will never forget bout him and i said im almost 18 im a big girl i can do what i want and make my own decisions. than he flipped out and said tht since im almost 18 i can move out and ****. and we didnt talk for days now he just looks at my dog tags around my neck and doesnt say a word. well my soldier is home now [[just got home today]] and i dont know what to do bout my dad. do i bring my baby home?even when i know my dad is gonna scream at him? i mean he needs to come over but i dont know what to do.

i need some help girls. got any advice?

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definitely bring him over to meet your dad, but warn him before he gets there. my older bro gives me **** all the time, but won't say a word to p, so your dad may surprise you :) give him a chance to get to know him, and maybe he'll realize your man really does care about you, and that you care about him too. <br />
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some family seem to think we'd be better off without our men, because being with army men is "dumb." they won't be around, they can't provide, they'll cheat, etc. sometimes it really is just what people think of the army, and they love you and want you to be happy. try to go easy on your dad and let him just meet your guy for now.

thanks ya'll i apperciate it. and army fiance thanks alot becuz urs touched me the most out of all of them. i understand fully. my sister moved in with her marine husband and got married really fast so my dads just afriad of that happening with me. iam close to him but sooner or later ima move out yano? anyways thanks all yall yeah he should of took some time out and see me but he was going through alot i know there aint much excuses. but i take it as in family is rly important to him to so we let it pass becuz he had a few days and its not like i wasnt gonna see him yano? but thanks everyone i needed your help and im taking all yalls advice to heart thanks =]

Someone might have already said this but if your boyfriend means a lot to you and you want him to some day be apart of your family, then if I were you I'd bring him home. <br><br />
That being said, since your dad seems to be set in his ways, talk to your dad and say "look I want you to meet my boyfriend, he means a lot to me and it would mean so much to me if you tried to give him a "second chance", and please don't think he was trying to be disrespectful last time, his family was just having a really hard time and he had to be there for them." & then something along the lines of "you wouldn't want his parents to be mad at me for not visiting them because of a family issue we were going through at home, right?" And chances are you'll bring your man home and your dad will see how squared away he is and how respectful he is and change his mind :)<br><br />
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Okay and second if you're boyfriend learned anything in boot camp it was how to be yelled at, so I'm sure he'll be able to take your dad yelling at him. Like eleven11 said you'll probably want to prepare your bf for what could happen(because only you know how pissed your dad really is and what he actually might end up saying to your bf, well atleast better then we do lol :P) <br><br />
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And one more thing, are you usually close to your dad? Maybe Hes scared, He knows that your getting close to the age of 18 and will be ready to move on soon, and that the Army will move you all over the place, which may be causing him to resent your boyfriend (for taking his little girl way) & by saying "ohh fine your almost 18? well then you should just move out and live on your own" type of thing (even though he knows full and well you're not ready to live on your own yet) He is saying that to try and "teach you a lesson" (as if to say "see you do still need me" ha in your face) lol Hopefully you get what I mean.<br><br />
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& I wish you luck!!

well first of all, family comes first no matter what.. that means with your dad, you should sit him down and talk to him. tell him how you feel and how much you care for ur bf but your dads opinion means a lot to you. than suggest that you want to see your bf and you want him to come over but you also want your dad not to scream and to talk with him.. things happen so i think your dad just needs to get over it<br />
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but in all honestly, we are daddy's little girls. of coarse they want nothing for us but to be happy. so when he feels like you bf is disrespectful, of coarse he is going to get mad.. but most girls take their bf's side, i always take my dads because family is sooo more important. boyfriends come and go, family is forever.<br />
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i just hope your dad understands and your bf comes over. make sure you tell your bf how upset and mad your dad is so he knows what to expect. and i do hope your bf does say sorry to your father.. like man up ya know.. bc even though its totally understandable about his family, he could have spent a few hours with you and your family.. i dnt see any excuses for that but hey! everyone is different...<br />
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message me anytime you want to talk!! <br />
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-- hope all works out. stay strong hunnie xoxo

Well i agree with eleven. I think you need to bring your boyfriend over to your home and tell him everything going on with your dad, and tell your dad your bringing your boyfriend over because you love him. Its not like your dad can make you break up with him seeing you are almost eighteen, right? <br />
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I dont know, i would just bring your boyfriend over because if you plan on being with him for awhile then there's nothing your dad can do about it.<br />
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Btw, i think it was nice of you to not make it a big deal about your boyfriend seeing his family first. <br />
But good luck! :)

WOOOOW. You're welcome.

ughm. his family lives in a different city than i do and they didnt exactly have transportation so it wasnt that big of a deal with me seeing they were dealing with family issues. and it was hard for them and he couldnt get a ride here.and i understand thanks.

ummmm....if your relationship with your family is important to you then you need to help your dad see that your boyfriend is good to you. Ask your dad not to scream, and also make sure your bf knows how upset your dad is. It would definitely make me question things if my bf came home and couldn't find ANY time to spend with me, even if there was a lot going on with his family....I mean do you guys live in the same town? How much does it take to meet up for a meal or even just to sit in a park together somewhere for an hour?<br />
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Like I said, your dad and your bf definitely need to find a way to be okay with each other or it will continue to be really tough on you.<br />
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Good luck!