He Picked Me First!!!

So he came home today!!! I'm soooo excited. But even more, I was looking on his wall and realized he is in high demand to visit his family members, but he is spending the entire day with me tomorrow. He picked me first over his entire family. It just makes me realize how much I mean to him, and makes me realize all that more why I stay with him even though he's home five to six weeks out of an entire year...which never seems to include his or my birthdays, or any holiday, really. But to me, this is the perfect holiday...having my airman home and safe, picking me first. I'm very, very happy.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Yay! I'm so happy for you! Now i'm just counting down the days until my man's return. Oh, you've given me hope. :)<br />
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Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

Yea its always sweet when they choose you first. But i think its cuz ur the one whos been there no matter what. i think its kinda of easier on family well atleast my bfs family. but im happy for you!!

yay!! don't you love it when that happens!? My guy is kind of a "grandmas boy", & after basic &ait is over for him, she wanted him to go on a "road trip" from Georgia(where his basic is at) back to Oregon(where we live) & they would take like 10 days and drive back to Oregon, and that made me pretty upset because I'd have to fly all the way to georgia and back by myself :( But then I was like "hey babe I really wanna fly home together" and he said he was planning to do that the whole time and that he didn't want to have to spend anymore time away from me than he had to!

congrats!!! enjoy every second with your soldier ^_^ i know i do when mine is home.<br />
My man is also really, really family oriented. His family was always number one to him. And when he started coming home and spending nights and days with me instead of them...it really means something, you know?<br />
have fun ^_^