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A lright.. I guess I've put posting my story off long enough lol. its just extremely hard for me to put my story into words since in a way its kinda complicated and longgg. Ok i met my guy, chris at this time last year. it was through a blind date in my senior year of  high school lol. every year we had this big dance like prom that was the biggest dance of the entire year and i didnt have a date. sooo my best friend set me up with her cousin. i thought it was a recipe for disaster because i had no idea what he was like or if i would be stuck with a dud of a date all night. according to her he was a bit dorky but a good dancer. when i saw him i literally felt my heart roll over and felt time stand still. saw fireworks and literally stumbled when i got out of my car. the funny part was that he caught me when i tripped. ive always been clumsy but this time it worked in my favor. from then on our song became clumsy by fergie =)we had our first kiss that night in the middle of the dance floor lol. i usually dont kiss on the first date but that wasnt the case this time. it was perfect =)

we did end up dating for about a month and a half after that but it was always hard since i lived kinda far away and school and my family life always found some way to get in the way. he broke up with me via im one night stating he was going into the army, didnt want me to be the waiting army gf, that we live too far away, he didnt have the funds to be a good bf... and that there was no way we could make it work. i went to europe right after that and never really spoke to him. then this summer he started talking to me again while across the country. i did miss him but i figured he was just lonely and desperate for a link to home, but at the same time i still really liked him. i was with another guy and very happy but something was missing. id spend almost every night staying up until 3 or 4 am after the bf had gone to sleep to talk to chris. we got closer and closer and id find myself constantly thinking of the soldier instead of the guy i was with. i found i could not sleep unless chris fell asleep to pillow talk with me. it became a constant problem with the bf (now ex) since he felt i was no longer putting the effort in with him. when chris came home on leave, it was the final straw.. chris told me he loved me and that hed give anything to take back the year wed lost. i knew my heart was with the soldier at that moment. even tho the answer was obvious in my heart it wasnt easy to say goodbye to the bf, a guy who had done nothing wrong, was my best friend throughout high school,  who truly cared for me and on top of that, was here. it was my personal notebook scenario. i was rachel mcadams lol. always dreamed of loving two guys when i was younger but looking at it now, i was so stupid lol. id never done the long distance thing and with chris being deployed to iraq.. i didnt know if i was strong enough. but i made the choice.

For 2 months now i have officially been an army girlfriend . it may  b a short time compared to others but i feel as devoted as girls whove been with their men for years. its just a number. im getting used to deployment and not having a guy by my side. i now know that second chances are and can be in the cards. Ive found that in waiting for my prince charming... it may take a lil work and heartache but  its worth it. my prince charming is in camo lol =) 

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awww thanks you guys! =) you all are amazing lol. its sooo amazingly nice to talk to girls who understand! thanks for offering allll your support lol. well in response to ColesOneandonly18, my ex gave me an ultimatum and was like i can see it in your eyes you still love the guy.. i was getting depressed and moody and was beyond frustrated so the relationship with the ex was skyrocketing downhill fast. i stopped being affectionate to him so he knew. his response was its me or him.. ill be patient to some extent but you need to choose. if you choose him im gone completely. as you know i chose chris so my ex disappeared =( he was a good friend and i loved him, but i figure if he is a true one and truly loved me he would have understood, let me go without all the heartache, and stood by me no matter what my decision. i have no regrets at this point tho =) im a happy camper.

thats adorable!! mine was sorta like that too but not a date from prom. im glad you got ur prince charming too =] need anyone to talk to im here :)and its always hard but we got an amazing bunch of girls on here tht even though we dont exactly know eachother would have one anothers back in an instant. so stay strong darlin n im here if u need me. and what did that one guy say when you told him bout chris? sorry for being nosey but iam anxious haha

your story is so cute. thats wonderful that you got a second chance with him. i got a second chance with mine too, thats how we started dating and have been together for 8 months = )<br />
<br />
i love all our stories on here, they are all so interesting and cute.<br />
<br />
.. im happy that you found your man & you stay strong, we are all always here!!!

ahhh!! I'm so pissed I just had this really nice response to your story and it was written really well and then I pressed submit and all it posted was the first line :'( So I deleted it. :(<br />
I'll come back when I'm no so frusterated and retype it for ya :) Really cute story by the way!

only being with him for a short time doesn't make any difference to us :) we love and welcome pretty much everyone. time doesn't discriminate, we all go through the same things. welcome!

your story is soo cute.. i met my boyfriend too because i needed a date to my prom! and my bestie set us up together! i'm glad you made the right choice :)