Kinda Funny Story =]

sooo this is kinda funny but id like some kinda advice haha. my solider has a mustache haha. and its killin me haha. it looks ridiculious. and idk why he has it he says its becuz he likes and also he knows it bothers me so he wants to play a joke. what do i do to make him shave it off lol he looks like a dork. =] i love him either way but it needs to be gone haha.this happened with my sisters husband chris also he is in the maries lol idk wut up with them wantin mustaches haha. any ideas ladies?

ColesOneandonly18 ColesOneandonly18
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

lmao. he never had one before and it cracks me up soo bad because he looks like a weirdo. haha.but i found a solution to my problem haha. we talked last night and i told him that i wouldnt kiss him or nothing unless he shaves it and that solved my problem haha.TA-DA!! its now shaved haha.

shave it off while he is sleeping! LOL