Army Fiances/girlfriends....nobody Understand Our Personal Pain.......

I sit here writing day after day waiting for my baby to come bak to me. I know that he is going through alot and alot is changing for him not trying to sound selfish but what about me you know. he writes me telling me exactly how he feels and the different things that he is going through, but i cant do the same, because i dont want him to worryor to think that i am not suppotive......i just wish somebody was looking at it from my point of view someone who understand what an army fiance goes through.....All the pain and hurt and loneiness that we keep bottled up inside......i wish people could know what it feels like to write your man telling him that everything is ok and that youre donibg fine.....whilt tears fall from your eyes because you know thats no where near what you really want to tell him.....WE ARE IMPORTANT TO....WHO CARES ABOUT US WHILE WE ARE WITHOUT OOUR MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOMEBODY HAS TO FEEL LIKE THIS I WANT FEED BACK...HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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theres this saying that says "if you think army men are strong just look at their girls" or something like that. its always gonna be hard dear but all you gotta do is just let it all out, he is going to worry either way about you so just let him know how you feel. =] and you dont have to be all alone we are all here for you and he will try n be there as much as possible but like "soproudbutithurts" said his love is always with you so your never alone. if you need anything dont be afriad to ask. =]

Wow, i feel like im reading something from my journal.<br />
Hun, i know exactly how you feel. All of us do.<br />
It takes a strong girl to love a soldier, and sometimes its just really overwelming. <br />
But honestly, i learned the hard way that they wanna know! Maybe not all the extra stuff. Think about what you really need him to know and then voice your concerns! You are his rock, but you dont have to handle it all on your own. Its not healthy, and it will tear you up (experienced in this). <br />
and keep your chin up, sweetie. Loving someone soo far away who has a dangerous job IS hard. But you have a good support team here :) and once you let communications flow with him a little bit you will feel better

Tell him. <br />
<br />
You can't keep it all to yourself, it's just not healthy. Take the time to think about what you need him to know and what's just extra, write it out, walk away for a couple hours to let it marinate, come back make sure it's still what you want to say, and then send it. Communication has to be a two way street, you are not responsible for the maintenance of this relationship all on your own!

I understand the pain, the fear, the worries, the lonely. I understand it all! <br />
<br />
But know that as lonely as you get ... you're never alone. The love that you have with your soldier makes you never alone. And we're always here. <br />
<br />
Chin up Strong Girl.