The Last Night

This is the last night of this long deployment! I'm just not able to sleep!!!! I keep checking to make sure I have everything.  I'm so excited and then at the same time nervous. I don't understand the nervous.... unless it's that we get to learn how to live together forever now. It's such a big new chapter in our lives. 

I woke up crying this morning. It wasn't the painful cry of realizing he's not here.  It was the relief cry.  The "relief cry" that comes from the pits of your gut, the sounds that come from your soul and the vision of the love of your life never leaving again. It had to be the most beautiful thing. I know that might sound strange, but until you experience it, you will not understand it.  ONE day ... you will come to me and say "I understand the relief cry". LOL!! AWESOME!!!!

Love always, The Jitter Bug of the night!!! 

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6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

im extremelly happy for you!!congrats!

Thank you everyone!! Life at this moment is soooo perfect.

Girl, I just went through the whole relief cry 2 weeks ago! And you don't understand it until you go through. COngrats girl.! You made it through this "nightmare":)<br />
I am so happy for you. Makes me remember the feelings I had the night before my soldier came home and the feelings i had the day he came home, and the what seemed like that longest drive of my life to go pick him up. It is all worth it when they are finally in ur arms though. And I understand the nervous feelings too. Had alot of those for weeks before he came home. Well so happy that Iraq didn't take your soldier and you get to have him back. Enjoy:)

Hip Hip Hoooooooraaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!! =)

Thank you so much!! <br />
<br />
I'll still be here for ya'll!! You've all helped me so much! THANK YOU! <br />
<br />
We still have to heal from this. And he has three tours to heal from.

OH MY GOD, IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. i have tears in my eyes.. congrats girl! we are so proud of you, you made it. i look up to you. you are my hero.